Types of NBA Betting Options

Betting on basketball events is very popular especially when it comes to the NBA betting. Most people have a favorite team and can detail their recent history of performance. Just as when placing bets on other sporting events, there are certain options open to a gambler. The most basic form of sports betting is the point spread.  Sportsbooks will typically put up point spreads based on public perception of how the teams will perform. The idea is to pick the winning team and the number of points by which they will defeat the loser. The difference should be equivalent of greater than you are betting to win. This particular kind of bet is very popular because the return is often fairly high, especially if you are betting on the underdog and they beat the point spread.


Another option is the moneyline. This bet offers a lower return but is very straightforward. You are essentially betting on a certain team to win, irrespective of the number of points gained by each team. Another kind of bet is on the totals. This bet does not consider who wins the game. It is about the total scores from both teams. You simply bet on whether the actual total will fall over or under the predicted total provided by the sportsbook. Another high risk high reward type of bet is the parlay. This bet allows a gambler to bet on multiple teams. All teams must win in order for the gambler to be paid. Teasers are a more complicated bet where you get to alter the line by a few points for several teams. All the teams must cover the teased point spreads in order for the gambler to win and get paid. NBA futures are bets on the finals of a championship or other smaller competitions. They are usually placed months in advance and offer a high reward to winners. Prop bets are more specific. You can choose this option when you want to bet on details such as the specific points a particular player will score, or assists and rebounds they will make.